Add AI to your workflow to solve your content challenges

If you've seen the value of Generative AI (maybe you use ChatGPT), but are having trouble scaling and integrating it into your marketing workflow, let's chat.

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I've been solving data, automation, and AI challenges for marketers for the last 8 years. I'm not focused on how to use a single tool to solve your problem, I'm focused on your workflow and finding the best tool to do the job.

Andrew Fraine | Engineer, Developer, PhD
Co-Founder and Head of Product Development and AI at Automata

Fill up your content scheduler

Bulk Social Content

- Create posts around a content cluster
- Fresh content trained on your existing content
- Convert one channel into another (ie. LinkedIn into Twitter)
- Turn your blogs/videos into 100s of social posts

Automate the boring stuff

Document Conversion

If you're constantly creating a blog from a video, one-pager from a case study, or newsletter from a webinar, let's create a custom and repeatable conversion process.

* One time fee covers the custom design, research, model training, and code for the project. Once finished, you can implement the process with your own OpenAI API key (the code is yours) for no cost, or use our API key for a minimal per-run cost.

Unlock your content

Knowledge Base: Q&A

Unlock internal documentation, marketing content, sales transcripts, videos, or any other type of content. Query your documents with natural language with a custom Q&A dashboard.

SEO Articles in your inbox

Brief to Blog

- Define a custom brief. Include as much or as little detail as you want.
- Define a custom writing style
- Google Drive Integration or Automation over email

Here's what people are saying

Out-of-the-box AI tools only get you so far. Andrew understood my goals, trained an AI model on my writing style, and made sure the content captured my existing point of view. We converted 3.5+ years of LinkedIn content into hundreds of Tweets and Twitter threads.

Nick Bennett
Chief Customer Officer and Co-Founder at TACK

Let's build something together

Custom AI Solution

If you're not sure where AI can help, let's chat. I'm happy to look at your workflow and help you identify where you can safely explore including AI into your process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Andrew Fraine is the Co-Founder of Automata, the first Generative AI Content Repurposing platform. He has been helping marketers with automation, data, and analytics tasks since 2015 in both a product and services role. He has an Engineering PhD and a full-stack developer. Feel free to email him at and connect with him on LinkedIn.

Every project is different, but the goal is to complete the project within 1 week of kickoff.

This depends heavily on the specific application. However, there are two main options:

- Bring your own API Key: If you have your own API key from OpenAI, I can help you set up the Automation process and you simply pay as you go. The cost of operating the Automation flow will likely be minimal (< $20/month in most cases).

- Use our API Key: If you don't want to think about, we can simply pass along the cost of operating the AI workflow to you. This is generall the simplest solution.

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